Sunday, 2 March 2014

Mucosy Stools, Crying, and now Blood ! No Problem !

August 23, 2013

The mucosy stools didn't go away, but the screaming did subside when I took milk out of my diet. It truly was that easy.  A lot of crying still continued, but I was ecstatic. At least a Mommy can do what she does best and I was able to soothe my sweet baby.  I was relishing in the deep bond I was creating with my son. I would keep him close to my body wrapped in a Boba wrap and he seemed to enjoy the rise and fall of my chest with each breath I took.  He was listening to my heart beat and would fall asleep to my swaying stance.  Even though I was completely drained and walked around like a zombie, we were both at peace strolling around the  neighbourhood with the sky so blue, sun so high and warm breeze brushing through our hair.  I would whisper "I love yous" in his ear with a little smile.

After coming back from one of our rejuvenating walks, I changed my son's diaper as I normally would. My peace came crashing down and my heart sank.  My throat tightened and my tears came back. Blood. There was bright red, stringy mucosy blood in the diaper.  I must have been staring at it awhile, as my brain was trying to process this new information and trying to decide how to handle it.

As I mechanically wiped him up and put a new diaper with clear eyes, I all of a sudden decided that this was no big deal. It's okay, no problem ... I will accept that he has Cow's Milk Protein Allergy. The treatment for this is take out all dairy and soy from the diet. As I say to myself ... again and again ... I can do this, it's okay, no problem, I will just take out all dairy and soy from my diet and this will be fixed.  Presto !

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